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Friday, 27 August 2010

We've 'engineered' another new client

HW Marketing, a Chichester Web Design company are pleased to announce a new Website client, WINSLOW ENGINEERING of West Sussex.

Winslow Engineering has been providing an independent service and repair service to the food packaging industry for many years.

Based in West Sussex, Winslow Engineering has a wealth of experience of many brands of packaging machinery, including flow wrappers and thermal transfer coders.

They have experience of GMP guidelines (Good Manufacturing Practice) and FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods)

Repair and maintenance of packaging, coding and labelling equipment is a vital, mission-critical element of a packaging production line in a fast moving consumer goods environment. Packaging equipment is designed for either stand-alone operation or straightforward and seamless integration into a factory IT infrastructure to deliver peak performance, so it requires a high degree of  engineering capability.

Winslow Engineering's ability to respond quickly to problematic situations has built their reputation as a reliable resource in the packaging industry

HW Marketing UK are the Chichester Web Design Company of choice for Small or Startup Businesses in the area. Easily understandable pricing packages start at £200. The Company was established in 2009 by Neil Holley-Williams who worked for 25 years as a Freelance Consultant for IBM, Skandia Life, Invesco Perpetual and Carnival UK.

Friday, 13 August 2010

Phab new client !!

HW Marketing UK, a Chichester Web Design company are pleased to announce that we have been asked to develop a website for the Chichester Phab Club Charity.

Phab is a charity dedicated to promoting the integration of people with and without disabilities.

Phab believes that we need to challenge negative attitudes towards disability and their Disability Awareness Training programme is part of this strategy.

Phab works to give disabled people greater independence and freedom, believing this is vital to the creation of a fully inclusive society, in which every one sees themselves valued for the contribution they make.

Since 1957 when the first club was created, Phab has supported a network of clubs across England and Wales run by the members for the members.

Each club organises a diverse programme of activities - arts and crafts, quizzes and games, speakers, sports, discos, days out, group holidays and usually meets once a week.

The clubs cater for juniors (under 18) and/or seniors. Members who joined as teenagers often remain or return as seniors. What the clubs all offer is the opportunity for everyone to get together, enjoy each others company and have fun, providing valuable support for families and carers who can sometimes feel isolated. Siblings belong to the same club and families are able to enjoy events and activities together.

All clubs are encouraged to meet on a regular basis and nationally at conferences and events such as the annual Heartbeat Hike in Londons Hyde Park.

The Chichester Region website will be launched early September

Copy and Coffee Launch

HW Marketing UK, a Chichester Web Design company, are proud to announce the launch of their latest website designed and developed in less than 3 weeks for

Aspiring writers in Hampshire and West Sussex now have a gathering place where they can spark off other aspiring writers of all levels and work towards their own personal goals. is a new not -for-profit enterprise based in Havant that provides a nucleus for artistic talent or those aspiring to artistic talent.

Their new premises in The Pallant, will host reading groups, writing groups, forums, art exhibitions, writing courses, and related events in comfortable coffee and cake surroundings in their new and secondhand bookshop.

Regular Courses and Groups include Creative Writing with John Haynes. John  won the Costa prize in 2006, and the Troubadour Prize in 2007. He has published four books of poetry, children's fiction, travel writing and books about literature. His most recent book, You, launched in July 2010. He has taught creative writing at universities, colleges, schools and the WEA.

Check out the website for all Courses, Groups and Events

Sunday, 8 August 2010

Summer Sunday Roast

If you really fancy a Sunday roast during the summer, but just think that it might be a bit heavy. Try this easy light, summery version.

Take 1 chicken, spray it with olive oil and sprinkle some dried mixed herbs on the skin. Roast as normal.

In the meantime, slice up some potatoes (about the thickness of a pound coin), parboil for a few mins. Slice up 2 cloves of garlic, onion and leeks.

Drain the pots, spray with olive oil, sprinkle with salt, tiny bit of turmeric and tiny bit of chinese five spice, shake them - not too vigorously. When the chicken is ready, take it out, leave in a warm place and cover with foil to rest.

Tip the chicken fat into a ramekin for use another day and stick in the fridge. With the chicken residue and the roasting pan just moist with chicken fat, tip  in the potatoes and set the timer for 30 mins and slap them in a fairly hot oven. Keep shaking them so they don't stick. After about 20 mins throw in the garlic pieces, onion, leeks and a glass or so of white wine . Shake and cook in a hotter oven until the pots are brown and still very moist from the liquid, for approx 15mins.


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