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Thursday, 2 September 2010

Water, water everywhere... or not

HW Marketing UK, a Chichester Web Design Company are  pleased to announce their latest website launch, Ecoteric Systems Ltd

Ecoteric were so keen to go live with their website as soon as possible, that they insisted on launching with only the home page completed. 

Ecoteric have rebranded substantially in the last few months and the new website reflects the new image. 

The rest of the site is due to be completed in just 8 days time.Global water consumption is doubling at a rate that is more than twice the rate of population growth. 

Fresh water is a finite and precious resource, which has, in recent years, largely been taken for granted.As our climate becomes drier and warmer, so the need to call on efficient, ecological purification systems grows at a rapid pace.

Ecoteric Systems Ltd design, construct , monitor and maintain bespoke natural wastewater handling, sewage and effluent treatment/purification systems and work within the regulatory advice of the Environment Agency and the EU Water Framework Directive.
Ecoteric provide environmental consultancy relating to all aspects of wastewater handling in Industrial, Agricultural, Domestic and Leisure environments.As our climate becomes drier so the need to retain rainfall becomes greater. 
As the charges for water increase at a rapid pace we are finally looking at ways of using every last drop that falls on our property. Legislation is already in hand to ensure that roofs covering a certain area will be required to collect water for use, a process known as rainwater harvesting.

Simple water butts are widely used, but these will be replaced by much larger and sophisticated water systems. These are already being installed in agricultural buildings, industrial and commercial sites.

Ecoteric Systems can providde expert advice in rainwater harvesting. They undertake a full site assessment, providing a range of solutions which include full system design, installation and maintenance.

Find out more at

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