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Friday, 26 November 2010

Too Lumpy - Niche it up

I see so many sites these days that are just too lumpy. By that I mean that the content covers the businesses entire product and service offerings. Now there's nothing really wrong with that per se, if for example you are an e-commerce store selling a range of goods; because your 'hook' is that you are 'a store carrying a range of goods'. That's what your website trades as. But what if you are a small business and you actually offer a range of services that otherwise might be only loosely connected, then you should look at Niche-ing up your websites to allow better targeting.

What if for example, you are a landscape gardener, but you also hire out groundwork plant, and you own a 4x4 off-road range as well ? Loosely connected and conceivably, you might want just one site to advertise your services. Is one site going to be the best thing to do?

Take a friend of mine the other week. He wanted me to look at his website and give an assessment on how it might be improved if at all.

Now this bloke was a master-of-all trades.

He was a butcher, a baker and a candlestick maker, and his site covered all of his skills.

It was a neat site, well laid out, informative and anyone directed to it would have seen an online brochure with good up to date content.

But what about that site being found on Google ? No Chance.

I advised him to create another three sites to deal with each niche, and leave the current site up and running with a link to the new sites. If you do want to get found by search engines, the first rule is the landing page content (usually your home page) has to be relevant to what the searcher is looking for, and also relevant to your Metadata (that's the keywords and site description hidden in your site back end code).

So if I'm looking for 'Candlestick Maker', it's unlikely I will find you on page 1 if Google has indexed your Home Page content as belonging to the web site of a Butcher. So if your site is covering too much ground, and yet you want to get new business by being found on Google, niche up and get each site relevant to your products or service.

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