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Thursday, 24 June 2010

What EVERY Web Page should have, but most don't

There is something that every web page MUST have, and yet most are missing. Every page on your website is, or should be, a ‘SELLING’ page.

I don’t mean that you should suddenly look at your site and turn it into an e-commerce site of course; however we are all in business to sell something whether it be a service or a product, information etc; but what I do mean is that every single page on your website should guide your visitor closer to a sale.

Every page on your website must have a purpose towards that end, and fundamentally that purpose must be to move the visitor closer to a sale even if it’s not directly concerned with making the sale itself. In other words, move the visitor down through your sales funnel, either directly or by asking them to sign up as a member or to download free stuff or watch a demo video.

Whenever you design a web page (yourself, or with your web designer) you should always have at the back of your mind, what do I want the reader to DO next, and every page must have your desired action in it somewhere.

In Web Marketing, this is termed the ‘Call To Action’, and can be at it most effective if it is a ‘clickable’ button. Some great examples are ,

Try it for free

Book Tickets Now

Download a sample

Browse our Portfolio

Buy Now

See in Action

Join Up for Free

Learn More

Get Started Now

Own it Now

Buy It

Add to cart

Take a tour

You’ll notice that some of the above use urgent language; ‘Now’, ‘Buy’, ‘Own’, ‘Join’ etc.

These words encourage your visitors to take action. You can go even further by creating a sense of urgency by using the Call to Action alongside phrases such as ‘Limited Offer’ ‘Offer Expires Oct 11th’ ‘Order now for free gift’ ‘Early Bird Discount’

The call to action does not have to be the same on each page, it depends on that page’s purpose, and each page could serve to lead your visitor to the ultimate desired action.

Don’t leave a page without a call to action. That’s called a ‘Dead End’ and your visitor may well leave.

So, whether you are an affiliate site, an e-commerce site, selling products or services, a membership sign up site, offering information, or whatever you are, go through your website now and look at every page and ask the question “What is the purpose of this page?”.

If it’s not immediately clear and if the visitor is not immediately called to take that action, change the page or change the copy immediately.

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