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Thursday, 1 July 2010

Visiting Bosham, West Sussex

Bosham (pronounced 'Bozzum' ), is a beautiful village nestled on a small peninsula between two tidal creeks towards the eastern end of Chichester harbour.

It is very popular with day trippers and week-enders who come to enjoy the unsurpassed beauty and views. Artists and photographers flock to it's shores. The area is served very well with local accommodation and traditional country pubs.

Bosham is a well renowned centre for sailing, with literally hundreds of moorings for boats and yachts, and provides a wonderful sanctuary for wild fowl. 

Bosham has a unique history;  in the local parish church is the original chancel that is depicted and named in the Bayeux Tapestry. On the tapestry itself, Harold can be seen entering Bosham Church to pray before crossing the Channel from these very waters more than 900 years ago to negotiate the English throne with William of Normandy.

It was at Bosham that King Canute demonstrated that even he could not hold back the tide. According to oral tradition, he grew tired of flattery by the locals. When one such flatterer said the king could command the obedience of the sea, the King proved him wrong by practical demonstration on the foreshore.

Canute, seated on his throne with the waves lapping around his feet. He commanded time and again "Go back, sea!",  but the tide continued as expected. Canute put it to his courtiers that the sea was not obeying him and insisted they stay there until they admitted it. Anyone who parks a car on the shore road at Bosham and fails to consult a Tide Time table will experience a similiar demonstration.

Bosham is a gastro paradise and well served by traditional restaurants and traditional pubs serving traditional food at affordable prices .

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