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Monday, 24 January 2011

Join our Exclusive club

Over the coming months I want to show you, FREE (!)....

1.       Why most small business advertising doesn't work and how you can be different.

2.       That you should be using at least 10 different ways to get customers to your business. I'll tell you what they are. You could be missing out on a fortune

3.       That most website designers are not marketing savvy. (Present company excepted of course). Don't let them drive your marketing strategy (unless you're with me of course!). I will give you powerful web design tips that you can implement to your own sites

4.       That you only have 8 seconds to make an impact to a new  visitor to your website, and what you can do to stop them leaving for the next site

5.       That marketing is the greatest tool available for you businesses bottom line. Becoming 'good' will increase you turnover

6.       THAT YOUR PRICES ARE ALMOST CERTAINLY TOO LOW. Only 10-20% of consumers buy on PRICE ALONE. If you don't believe me, take a look outside. Is everbody driving the cheapest car on the market ? No. I will show how to raise your prices WITHOUT losing customers and without putting off new customers.

Do you remember getting a newsletter  from me in December that said I was going to launch a new service in January. Well, this is the start of it. Best part of all it's absolutely FREE. No catch.

At HW Marketing, we don't just sell websites, printing  and SEO. We like to think of ourselves as your business partner.  One of our reasons for talking to you regularly is that we want you to give you the best strategies for growing your business. Why would we do that, and why particularly, do we do it for free ? Because we want a relationship with you, and we want your business to grow alongside of ours.

The stuff I send to you on a regular basis is stuff that I pay for, but I share it, because that's what I like to do. If I share this stuff, then hopefully the more astute of you will see the value and use it, maybe even pass it on.

The stuff I send you works. Over the last 12 years the originator of these strategies has built a £20 million consultancy business by improving the turnover of businesses by 100% to 300%.
Work out how much that would be to you. What did you turnover last year ? £50k, £100k, a £million ? Whatever it was take that figure and increase it by just 10%. How much better would your business be by just increasing turnover by 10% let alone 100% ?

Over the coming months , I want to share more stuff with you. For FREE. All I ask is that if you like the stuff, please forward it on to other business owners and let them join our little exclusive club. What have you got to lose ? Nothing, but everything to gain.

FORWARD THIS TO A FRIEND OR BUSINESS COLLEAGUE RIGHT NOW. They will get the information straight to their inbox if they s or you sign on at and join our newsletter mailing list

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