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Monday, 7 February 2011

What on EARTH are you in business for ?

Over the next few months, and hopefully for as long as you decide you want to stay with me, I will blog specific examples of how you can increase your turnover. I’ll go into these in some detail so that you can set about using them easily.

However, first I’d like to challenge you to make one cataclysmic, fundamental, generic change to the way you and the people in your business, do business.

If you can embrace this concept, and maybe some of you have already, in which case this is affirmation you have it right; then this ONE change alone can change the way you do business from this day forward, and it won’t cost you a penny. It’s about a change in your state of mind, it is really, really easy to grasp

So then, let me ask, why are you in business, what is your purpose?

The answer I would usually expect to this question is “To make money”; and of course that’s an excellent answer. To make money.  Absolutely nothing wrong with money and all that accompanies it. We love money.

But I want to get you to think about something else.

I heard a story the other day from a marketing genius called Chris Cardell which illustrates perfectly what I’m driving at, so I’ll start with that.

“At one point in time, Microsoft had over 40 BILLION dollars liquid just sitting around in a bank account earning interest. So what drove Bill Gates to get up in the mornings?  Was it that he wanted to make more cash?

Clearly not. He loves his cash, don’t we all….. and the more of it the better.

Bill Gates is driven by the belief that by continuing to do business and to drive development of his products, that he is MAKING A DIFFERENCE IN PEOPLE’S LIVES. He is bringing REAL BENEFIT to people with his products.”

I spoke to a website customer of mine a few months ago, while we were designing his site; I asked him how he would describe what it was he did.

“I cure stress”, he said. “I cure stress”.

So what was he this bringer of immediate relief? A doctor ? Hypnotherapist? Did he sell herbal remedies? No. He was a packaging machine engineer. He’s the guy that visits a packing plant when the packaging machinery breaks down, and he fixes it. Now in the fast moving consumer goods industry where the packing company has deadlines and quotas to meet, and is being kicked by the manufacturers of the stuff he’s packaging, crisps, biscuits or whatever; my customer really does “cure stress”. He fixes the machine and makes sure that the quotas can be met.[1]

This mind shift, if you can adopt it in your own thinking and introduce it around your company, will make you PASSIONATE about what it is you do, and why you are doing it. The best thing is, this will NOT COST you ONE PENNY. Change the way you think about what you are providing and why you are providing it, and you are half way to winning the war.

If you can start to make this make this shift and become passionate about what you sell, you will be the best ever salesperson for your products and services, and it works for every business. You will be proud of what you do for a living. Proud of your products and services.  

A Hairdresser could say “I’m in business to make people feel great”
Cosmetic Dentist “I’m in business to make people smile more”
Health Club “We re-charge people” or “we prolong people’s lives”

On a business card I was given today by another local web design company, it said “Hello, I’m Clive. I want to help your business grow.”

Why am I in business ? “To improve your turnover and hopefully improve your standard of life”

You may even get to the point, like me, that if I fail to convince someone that they need my products or services, and they walk away, I FEEL as though I’ve let THEM down by not being able to convince them that I can improve their lives.

So, I’ll ask YOU the question again. What are you in business for? What is the purpose of your business?

When you figure it out, write it in big letters and stick it all over your place of work…. and put it on your stationery and cards.

It can instantly change the way your customers look at you and will change the way you look at your purpose in business.

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[1] The packaging man is at

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