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Thursday, 30 June 2011

Ring Fence Your Clients

Here’s a scary statistic

A full 68% of the people who leave your business and stop buying from you do so just because you don’t talk to them anymore.

You don’t write, you don’t phone... so they drift off into another’s arms... and take your profits along with them.

If you are serious about your business, it is ESSENTIAL that you implement a strategy for keeping your customers and clients so that they continue spending money with you year in, year out.

Nowadays, we have an almost ‘Too Good To Be True’ method of keeping in touch with our best clients. It’s called E-MAIL.

If before the age of the internet you’d offered a system to a business in which they could keep in touch with their clients instantly (or prospects for that matter), get instant feedback, instant action and all of this ABSOLUTELY FREE; then you’d have been laughed off the premises.

EMAIL allows you to do this. Used properly, it’s a goldmine.

You can reach all of your existing customers, and keep your services or products in the forefront of their minds all year round. Yes, people are fed up with ‘spam’; but they are not fed up with interesting e-mails from people or businesses with which they have a relationship.
Keep it simple, don’t make a sales pitch, just inform, give useful interesting information, point them at your website for more information. Then Sign Off.

Do it just once a week at the most.

At some point that customer is going to make a decision to buy that service or product again. If you’ve been communicating with them and maintained the relationship, where do you think they are going to go; probably even regardless of price ?

Remember: your business has already ‘paid’ to get that customer. One way or another you ‘buy’ each new customer, whether with advertising, trade shows, direct mail, telephone calls etc.
And everyone you let leave, means you’ve got to spend money to replace them.

Ring fence in your best customers with e-mail.

HW Marketing UK can help you set up your e-mail campaigns, autoresponder software, email templates and handle your mailing lists, help you build a mailing list and advise on all aspects of email marketing. We do NOT condone SPAM in anyway, and would encourage you to feel the same way. SPAM is BAD marketing.

If you would like help with setting up your email communications please call 01243 573615 or (Mobile) 07767 304509 or visit the website
and use the form to request more information.
We don’t charge for chatting.

HW Marketing UK are the Affordable Website Design Company of choice for Small or Startup Businesses in the area. Easily understandable pricing packages start at £250. The Company was established in 2009 by Neil Holley-Williams who worked for 25 years as a Freelance Consultant for IBM, Skandia Life, Invesco Perpetual and Carnival UK.

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