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Monday, 14 November 2011

Are you about to make your first BIG MISTAKE as a new business owner ?

Well, you’ve done it! Congratulations! You’ve decided to set up a business, and whether it’s your first foray into the small business world or you’re a very experienced business person, you are probably smart enough to realise that your new business is going to need a website.

Now how would you know that? Because you are aware;

Your competitors can already be found on the web.
Your prospects will expect instant information.
It shows you respect your prospect’s and customer’s need for information.
That 80% of potential customers will look for you using search engines first and foremost.

Now, in order to get this website, you might be thinking along the lines of

“D’you know what, it’s easy to get a website, I know from the telly adverts I can build them for free, and I know someone who is quite techy about these things, and money is tight because I’m a start-up, I can’t really afford a website professional if I can get it for free”

This, is what could quite possibly, be your first BIG MISTAKE

That’s a BIG statement. Let me explain why I said it. First, here’s some stuff you might not know;

90% of Websites don’t WORK for the business.
A website has up to 8 seconds to create the right image in a visitor’s mind. If it doesn’t, they leave, perhaps for ever.
Websites don’t get found by search engines unless they’ve been optimised correctly.

Now I’m not going to pussy-foot around this subject. I have seen some websites that even the business owner believes are horrendous. That’s because either the business owner has built the site themselves or trusted it to a non-professional. Even with a smashing looking DIY website, it may not perform properly.

I get at least one call a week from small business owners who 6 months on realised they made the same mistake. They realised that the web site visitors they expected just weren’t happening or that the website really doesn’t look good to their market or people are looking at the site, but they don’t DO anything except, well, leave. Yes, even if the website looks good.

What those business owners had not realised, is that when they got a non-web, non-marketing person to do the job, THEY ONLY GOT 10% OF THE JOB DONE

I don’t want you to make the same mistake. Many people think that any sort of web presence or a web site will magically bring instant demand for goods and services, and all you have to do is build it and they will come. Well it WON’T bring instant demand and visitors WON’T just come. Not unless you get the other 90% right.

Even if you DO get visitors, having a website that doesn't engage your visitor immediately is just as bad as having a receptionist or a sales assistant chewing gum, scratching their backsides and ignoring your prospects when they walk in the door; or someone who answers the telephone in your business sounding disinterested and not able to answer the simplest of questions. A shoddy employee or an inadequate web 'presence' will BOTH drive YOUR business to your competitor. The difference is that an inadequate website will do it MUCH faster.


First, I run a web design company that knows about web marketing. When I design, write and build your site, I know how to get you found on Google. I know what people expect to be able to do when they reach your site. I know I only have 8 seconds to get their attention before they surf on, and I know how to design your site so that visitors stay a little longer and ‘do’ something; whether that's to pick up the phone and call you, or send you an e-mail, or even buy something from you. I even know how to make those customers ‘Customers For Life’. Think of the return on your affordable investment if THAT happens.

Secondly, the price I quote is the price you pay and all of my experience in online marketing will be channelled into making your site get found, and it will then WORK FOR YOU as hard as a good employee would work for you.

Third, I want to increase your visibility, your sales and your success. If I do, that makes you my customer for life too. Partners.

Lastly, I’m only going to ask an affordable £250 to £600 to build you a ‘proper’ website.

Call me. I don’t charge for chatting.

07767 304509 or 01243 573615

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