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Wednesday, 30 November 2011

My Latest Client

We’ve just launched a new website for The White Swan Pub & Restaurant in Bosham , West Sussex.

We’re especially proud to have an association with The White Swan because while pubs are closing all over the UK, Nick and Tina Irish have re-opened what was one of the most popular watering holes in the area after quite a long struggle against a very small number of objectors.

True, The Swan does have a recent chequered history, but long before that; for 300 years; it was a landmark on the East-West Brighton to Portsmouth coast road, and until very recently a popular pub and eating place. I think it’s safe to say that the pub suffered it’s lowest point when it was not run properly and allowed to deteriorate, probably giving rise to the lowering of it’s reputation.

Nick and Tina have completely reversed the pub’s fortunes by successfully re-opening the pub and restaurant with a stylish, very warm and welcoming ambience.

The reason we were involved is that between the period of applying for the licence to the pub, right through purchase and complete refit, The Swan had in place a ‘community’ or ‘newsletter’ type website to keep the local community fully informed of progress and to allay fears of any objectors to the pub re-opening. Excellent PR at the time. You can see the original website here

When the Swan re-opened, it was clear to Nick and Tina that the community website had done it’s bit; and now they needed a more commercial approach, so as a local company, they approached us.
We took a very short brief from Tina, and set to work. The result can be seen here

The website is what we call a ‘brochure site’ in that it’s not trying to ‘sell’ anything, but serves as a 24/7 brochure. A site like this doesn’t need us to design in any specific consumer psychology to get the customer to take action as a lot of our SME sites do.

Tina has full control over what goes on the website, and she is able to update the website herself quickly and easily 24/7 with our Content Management System, or by dropping us an e-mail. We will generally make any requested updates within 48 hours.

A site like this STILL needs to be found in Google because The Swan is situated in a tourist area, and therefore wants to be found by people planning to visit the area. The Search Engine Optimisation for the site reflects this.

All our sites are built and delivered with getting found on google uppermost in our minds, as well as delivering a visual experience that reflects the product and the target clientele.

Should you have a similar enterprise and want an affordable website design (the cost of this website was less than £600) yet also a quality solution to being found on the web, please contact us at 07767 304509. I don’t charge for chatting !

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