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Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Your customer is tuned in to Radio WII FM

As a small business it's easy to lose sight of what you are trying to sell. You don't always look at it from your customer's standpoint. When a prospect looks at your web site or literature, they are tuned firmly into radio WII FM. That's Radio "What's In It For Me ?".

It's all too easy for you to reel of a string of features about your products, or the fact that you have the most talented team in the business, but your prospect really doesn't care (yet), because they can't see the immediate benefit for them; they want to know what you are going to do for them.

If you don't tell them straight away, they'll move on and find someone else who will.

One way of deciding if you've landed on a benefit is to start of with a feature of your company and ask your self "Why does that matter to me?". If you can keep drilling down and asking "Why does that matter to me ?", you haven't yet reached the benefit of that feature. 

Interrogate yourself:

1. Name a feature.

2. Then ask yourself, "What's important about that?" Then,

3. "Which means that I get____"

4. "Which means that I no longer have to______"

5. "This means that now I get to______."
Demonstrate to your prospect how your product or service delivers the benefit. Here's an example;

“We sell yoga clothes made from organic materials” (So why should organic materials matter to me?)

“Because the clothes are made of natural, breathable fibres” (So why do natural, breathable fibres matter to me?)

“Because you can move more freely and comfortably in the clothes” (So why does that matter to me?)

“You can get more health benefits from your yoga practice if you have comfortable clothes that enable you to move more easily.” There's the benefit.

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