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Saturday, 31 July 2010

A rejuvenated website for

HW Marketing UK, a Chichester Web Design company, are proud to announce a new website and SEO client. Denise Bell-King who owns and runs has asked us to rejuvenate and freshen up the company website, and help her reach Page 1 of Google by October.

Denise is an ex sales manager and journalist who successfully rode the recession with her award winning product 'Age Defy Serum'.

Denise created a formula that included Retinol A, Jojoba and Palm Oil that she tried out on herself and it fulfilled everything she wanted to achieve. The results were fantastic, but Denise then had the challenge of how to make the product without resorting to pestles and mortars in the kitchen, but likewise, without having to manufacture thousands.

Here, fate played a hand and through a chance meeting with a local manufacturer, they offered to make just 500 bottles of Denise's Age Defy Serum to her exact formula. The first batch rolled off the production line in 2007 and she has not looked back.

Age Defy Serum boosts your skin's defences from the inside out and dramatically reduces wrinkles furrows and frown lines. It will soothe, strengthen and age proof your skin on your face, neck and is perfect for smoothing away the tell-tale signs of ageing on the backs of hands too.

Packed with high quality ingredients including Palmitoyl Pentapetide-3, Pro-Retinol, Jojoba Oil and Vitamin E, Age Defy Serum has helped thousands of women to achieve younger looking skin.

Age Defy Serum is particularly effective on the following areas:
- Age sports and pigmentation
- Crepey Neck syndrome
- Nasal-labial lines
- Crows Feet, wrinkles and saggy eye lids
- Decolletage
- Jowls

Denise said of her serum, "I cannot tell you how thrilled I am that so many women seem to love this product as much as I do. Creating the serum was a real work of love, as I wanted to use very natural ingredients, but make sure the choices I made were as potent as possible. The result certainly seems to work."

Age Defy Serum has been shown in tests to reduce the appearance of wrinkles by at least 44%, increasing skin texture, smoothness and clarity with daily use.

We are looking forward to working with Denise on this exciting new project

You can find out more and buy age defy serum from the old site at

You can contact HW Marketing at
07767 304509

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